Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching — A Partnership Between the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education
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Instructional Coaching at a Glance


Instructional Coaching at a Glance videos are excerpts from the March 20, 2014
Collaborative Coaching Board Meeting at The Pennsylvania Department of
Education offices in Harrisburg, PA.  The videos highlight real-life examples of how
PIIC and instructional coaching have impacted  schools across Pennsylvania. 




 Leadership for Coaching - Lessons Learned in High School

Leadership for Coaching takes the viewer inside five PAHSCI high schools where school-based and district-based leaders share how they have created and sustained high quality instructional coaching in their schools.

Instructional Coaching in Real Time: Excerpts from Coaching and Class Sessions Using the Before/During/After Model in High School

This video shows 5 high school teachers and their coaches using the Before/During/After (BDA) instructional coaching model.  These segments are designed to open a window into one-on-one instructional coaching by providing largely unedited views of actual planning, delivery of instruction, and debriefing with real teachers, real instructional coaches, and real students.

Part 1

        Part 2                         Part 3                          Part 4                         Part 5

Amazing Growth

Amazing Growth illustrates the success that collaborative relationships between mentors, coaches and school leaders can have on student engagement and learning.  A team consisting of one leadership mentor, one literacy mentor and one math mentor visits districts several times a month and supports the coaches via one-on-one mentoring, small and large group mentoring, and cross district mentoring. 

Funded through a grant from the Annenberg Foundation, these videos were produced by Foundations, Inc. and Interlink Media.