Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching — A Partnership Between the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education
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The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching

The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching is designed to help teachers effectively implement instructional practices through an instructional coaching and mentoring framework. Our focus is to prepare and support instructional coaches who provide ongoing and consistent job-embedded professional learning and development for teachers by building their instructional practice and pedagogical skills. Independent research has validated the efficacy of the program and the impact of instructional coaching on teachers, their instructional practice, student engagement, and student learning.

PIIC Newsletters

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Volume 1
December 2010

February 2011
June 2011

                  Volume 4
                  October 2013
                  December 2013
                  March 2014
                  May 2014

                 Volume 7           
                 September 2016
                 December 2016
                 March 2017
                 June 2017

Volume 2
October 2011
December 2011
March 2012 
June 2012 

                  Volume 5
                  September 2014
                  December 2014
                  March 2015
                  May 2015


                 Volume 8
                 October 2017
                 December 2017
                 March 2018
                 May 2018

Volume 3
October 2012
December 2012
March 2013
June 2013 

                  Volume 6
                  September 2015
                  December 2015
                  March 2016
                  May 2016