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  • The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching

    The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching is designed to help teachers effectively implement instructional practices through an instructional coaching and mentoring framework. Our focus is to prepare and support instructional coaches who provide ongoing and consistent job-embedded professional learning and development for teachers by building their instructional practice and pedagogical skills. Independent research has validated the efficacy of the program and the impact of instructional coaching on teachers, their instructional practice, student engagement, and student learning.

  • The Instructional Coaching Resource Guide

    New to instructional coaching? Want to learn more about instructional coaching and mentoring? The time has come…PIIC's newest resource, The Instructional Coaching Resource Guide, is now available. The purpose of this guide is to provide mentors and instructional coaches with a powerful set of materials to help them practice their craft. Register today!

  • Culture of Coaching: Change Thinking... Change Practice... Change Schools

PIIC Executive Director Ellen Eisenberg uses the Culture of Coaching: Change Thinking... Change Practice... Change Schools blog as a forum to discuss all instructional coaching hot topics.  Readers are encouraged to engage in discussions on the site to learn from one another and to further their own practice.

  • The Center for Cognitive Coaching
Arthur Costa and Robert Garmston created Cognitive Coaching in 1984. They have developed a variety of training opportunities and written a book, Cognitive Coaching: A Foundation for Renaissance Schools, to support others in learning the process of Cognitive Coaching. This site provides training, resources and consultation on strategic planning for enculturating the principles of Cognitive Coaching. Individuals can also access the resources of CCC to enhance their skills as a coach in a variety of contexts.
  • The Center on Instruction
This site is a gateway to a cutting-edge collection of scientifically based research and information on K-12 instruction in reading, math, science, special education, and English language learning. Part of the Comprehensive Center network, the Center on Instruction is one of five content centers serving as resources for the 16 regional U.S. Department of Education Comprehensive Centers.
  • Choice Literacy
Choice Literacy is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality resources for K-12 literacy leaders. Founded in 2006, the website has grown to include over 700 professionally produced and edited video and print features from top educators in the field, as well as promising new voices.
  • Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse
The mission of the Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse (LCC) is to increase the knowledge base, research, and practice of literacy coaching. The LCC assists districts, schools, and coaches to develop excellent coaching programs based upon findings from research and coaches’ collective experiences.
  • Safe and Civil Schools
PAHSCI mentors were trained by Tricia McKale of Safe and Civil Schools to support our instructional coaches in addressing this issue. The Safe and Civil Schools focus is on proactive, positive, instructional behavior management practices. Coaching Classroom Management establishes the basis for a classroom management model designed for “addressing behavior before it necessitates correction, collecting data before embarking on interventions, implementing simple corrections before moving to progressively more intensive and time-intrusive ones, and setting a climate of respect for all.”
  • Teacher Leaders Network
    This site provides numerous articles on coaching as well as resources on teacher leadership. Examples include:

    • Nine roles of the School-Based Coach
    • Helping Teachers Learn to Differentiate
    • Cultivating the Passion for Change
    • A Coach, Not a Supervisor
    • Improve Your Presentations!
    • The Importance of Mentors
  • University of Kansas Center for Research on Teaching and Learning
The Center for Research and Learning at the University of Kansas provides current research, theory, tools, publications, and presentations on the field of instructional coaching.


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