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PIIC Photo Gallery - January 2014 Professional Learning Opportunity
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Instructional Coach Karen DeNunzio sharing with the whole group.

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Former IU 9 PIIC Mentor and current Instructional Coach Karen Macartney sharing her experiences with the group.

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IU 18 PIIC Mentor Loriann Ruddy during her breakout session, Coaching the Brain Beyond Surface Comprehension.

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IU 28 PIIC Mentor Jeremy Gabborin taking notes during the Let Me Print That Out First! (Digital Text vs. Traditional Text) breakout session.

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These coaches are lining up to show where they fall between coaching light and coaching heavy.

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IU 23 PIIC Mentor Dorie Martin facilitating her breakout session, Planning Purposefully for the "Before" Conversation.

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Woodland Hills Instructional Coaches Justin Rodrigues and Joanne Krett facilitating their session, Establishing a Culture of Coaching: Building Blocks to BDA.

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PIIC Associate Director Bruce Eisenberg is sharing information with instructional coaches during a breakout session.

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IU PIIC Mentors Donna Waleski and Evelyn Wassel participating in an activity during a breakout session.

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Facilitators Tom Otto (Superintendent, Altoona SD), Patty Burlingame (Principal, Altoona SD), Kelli Livermore (Instructional Coach, Altoona SD) and Mike Baker (Instructional Coach, Altoona SD) during their session, The Principal Principle: Effective Collaboration for Successful Change.

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PIIC Senior Adviser and Researcher Elliott Medrich and PDE's Special Assistant to Acting PA Secretary of Education David Volkman.

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IU 1 PIIC Mentor Stevie Kline during the Building Language-Based Activities Using Primary Sources and Informational Text breakout session.

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IU 14 PIIC Mentor Melissa Devlin and IU 14 Program Administrator Jeff Rothenberger during the Understanding the Coach's Role in the Educator Effectiveness SLO Process breakout session.

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PIIC Executive Director Ellen Eisenberg presenting during the first PIIC Administrator Day.

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David Volkman, PDE's Special Assistant to Acting PA Secretary of Education, participating in PIIC's first Administrator Day.

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PIIC Regional Mentor Coordinator (RMC) Virginia Glatzer and IU 28 PIIC Mentor Jeremy Gabborin




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