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“Pleasant, well-paced, yet collaborative and full of good information....excellent resources were offered....”
- District Administrator

“I cannot begin to say how beneficial it was. As a one-year coach, I intend to use all the materials and contacts that I gained during the workshop.”
- School/District/Regional Instructional Coach

“This conference really recharged my focus for the upcoming school year.  Talking to other coaches, mentors, and administrators allowed me to collaboratively problem solve.”
- 21st Century Teaching and Learning Coach

“A wealth of knowledge, professional development/strategy sharing.PIIC is the gateway and support for instructional coaches.  Coaches could not perform their role successfully without the backing of PIIC PD sessions, staff and IU mentors.”
- School/District/Regional Instructional Coach

“What stood out for me in the 3 days was the validation I received from hearing about all the topics regarding my role as a coach, having only completed 1 year in a district that never had coaching. Every general session and breakout strand session was absolutely valuable to me in giving me ideas, affirming the path I am on as a coach, and networking with others in my field.”
- Elementary Coach

“All sessions were very beneficial.  The opportunity to network with other coaches and administrators from different parts of the state who are part of this initiative is very valuable.  It does and continues to help us make our role in our district move forward and realize we are not in this alone.”
- School/District/Regional Instructional Coach

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