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By IU PIIC Mentors Donette Porter and Lori Ceremuga

November is the month when we take the time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for in our professional and personal lives. Take time between the turkey and the pie to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for. In coaching we have a lot for which to give THANKS- especially in the coaching relationships we all build.

T is for Trust. Trust is an essential piece in a coaching relationship. Without trust the hard work cannot be done. The person being coached needs to trust the coach and trust the process is confidential. The coach needs to trust that the coachee is vested in the process. I am thankful for the trust in my coaching relationships.

H is for Honesty. Honesty is key to a coaching relationship. Without honesty there is no trust, without trust the relationship will flounder. In order for growth and improvement, we need to be honest with each other and ourselves. I am thankful for the honesty that is a part my coaching relationships.

A is for Appreciation. We are lucky to be able to have and build coaching relationships.  Being appreciative for the opportunity and the time it takes to be in a coaching relationship is very important. I am thankful and appreciative to be involved in coaching relationships.

N is for Non-Evaluative.  Reflective and non-evaluative practice is one of the PIIC quadrants.  Through the PIIC framework, teachers and coaches are fortunate to work in a non-threatening environment.  Coaches engage in non-evaluative conversations with teachers helping them implement effective instructional practices.  Non-evaluative questioning leads to reflection and meaningful change.  I am thankful for the opportunities to reflect and work with coaches in a non-evaluative environment.

K is for Knowledge.  Gaining knowledge allows one to grow personally and professionally.  Through PIIC, administrators, mentors, coaches and teachers have numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge base.  I am thankful for the professional learning available at the state and local levels.

S is for Support.  PIIC’s mission is to support instructional coaching which helps teachers strengthen instructional practices, increase student engagement and improve student learning.  A successful coaching model not only includes coaches but also mentors.  I am thankful for the support system available to us.

As you reflect upon your personal and professional life, remember to give thanks for your opportunity to be part of the Pennsylvania Institute of Instructional Coaching.  Through our hard work, we all have the ability to change classroom practice and assist in improving student learning.


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