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PIIC’s May 2018 PLO is “a win-win for all!” PDF Print E-mail

Instructional coaches, district administrators, other school leaders, PIIC Mentors, and Regional Mentor Coordinators (RMC’s) from around the state came to The Penn Stater Conference Center for PIIC’s end-of-year Professional Learning Opportunity (PLO) that took place May 14 - 16, 2018.  

The event began on May 14th at noon with PIIC Executive Director, Ellen Eisenberg, welcoming the attendees with a sorting activity replicable in their own schools/district/IUs. Each table consisted of 6 coaches and at least 1 mentor or RMC.   After the guests were welcomed and engaged in an ice breaking activity involving all conference attendees, they then engaged in table talk with their peers from other areas of the state.  Participants then attended one of five pre-selected breakout sessions.  These sessions were centered around one-on-one and small group coaching:

·         BDA – More than Meets the Eye! facilitated by IU PIIC mentors Diane McGaffic and Donette Porter;

·         Coaching in the Co-Taught Classroom: 3 people = 1 on 1 facilitated by Chris Caton and IU PIIC Mentor Heather Moschetta;

·         Creating a Culture of Trust through Conversational Intelligence facilitated by Bensalem SD Instructional Coaches Diane Murry and Heidi Louella and IU PIIC Mentors Carol Adams and Janine Presloid;

·         The Sensational, Sustainable Six Revisited: The Power of One-on-one and Small Group Coaching facilitated by Altoona Area HS Instructional Coaches Michael Baker and Kelli Livermore;      

·         Navigating Emotionally Charged Conversations facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Jamie Pitcavage and Amber Molloy.                                                                                                                                    

After a short break, participants attended The Impact of New Technologies on Disciplinary Literacy, a general session facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Heather Moschetta and Terri Lewis, and educational consultant Gail Porrazzo.  Day 1 closed with participants networking in their IU team time and processing their learnings with “Questions on my mind” reflective activity.

Having finished their first day of conference activities, participants proceeded to the reception and dinner.  Special guest speakers included Instructional Coaches Shelly Mrozek, Amy Secor, and Vicki Feinstein, and Superintendent Michelle Dutrow.

On Day 2, coaches attended one of five pre-selected breakout sessions.  These sessions were centered around collecting, analyzing, and using data:

·         Learning and Growing Together through a Community of Practice   facilitated by Elizabethtown Area SD Instructional Coach Amy Secor  and HS Principal Maura Hobson;

·         Getting Your Hands Dirty: Helping Grow Marigolds and Black Walnuts facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Sondra Humenansky, Missy Petrilak, and Jamie Pitcavage;           

·         Coaching Teachers to Develop their Inner Reflective Voice to be Loud and Clear facilitated by Exeter SD Instructional Coach Karen DeNunzio and educational consultant Gail Porrazzo;

·         Coaching Outside the Lines with BDA Gamification 2.0 facilitated by Loyalsock SD Instructional Coach Rebecca Leid;

·         The (new) Deliberate Analysis: How to Coach for the 4 facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Chris Mitcheltree, Teri Everett, and Jen Herncane.

After a break for lunch, next on the agenda were the concurrent sessions: Building Capacity in Disciplinary Teaching with the “New” Literacies, a follow up to the previous day’s general session facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors.  Participants then attended their third pre-selected breakout session.  These sessions were centered around using evidence-based literacy practices:

·         Coaching Through Graphic Novels: Reaching Out to Reluctant Readers facilitated by Homer Center Instructional Coach Suzanne Mateer and IU PIIC Mentor Jeremy Gabborin;

·         Coaching Teachers to Use the “F” Word facilitated by Huntingdon SD Instructional Coaches Heather Border and Lisa Drake, and IU PIIC Mentor Alicia Hull;   

·         Beyond Pair-Share: Coaching the Use of Spider-Web Discussions and Literature Circles facilitated by Stacy Ricciotti and IU PIIC Mentor Diane Hubona;       

·         Supporting Disciplinary Literacy through Read-Alouds and Think-Alouds facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Andy Gavalis, Terri Lewis, and Cindy Shaffer;

·         Be Our Guest… A PIIC Book Tasting! Facilitated by educational consultants Kathleen Eich and Amy Walker.            

The day ended with IU team time to reflect together on their new learnings and mentor reflection (an opportunity to process information and plan for future use).

After a few brief announcements, Day 3 began with participants attending their fourth pre-selected breakout session.  These sessions were centered around supporting reflective and non-evaluative practice:

·         Self-paced Professional Development: A One-on-one-derland Awaits! facilitated by Altoona Area SD Instructional Coaches Keri Harrington and Julie Storm;

·         Hold onto Your Many Hats! facilitated by Southern Tioga SD Instructional Coach Lauren Sargent and Superintendent Sam Rotella;

·         Unleash your Coaching Superpowers to Infinity and Beyond facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Jen Herncane, Diane Hubona, Teri Everett, Cindy Shaffer, and Jeremy Gabborin;

·         The Character of a Coach facilitated by educational consultant Amy Walker and IU PIIC Mentor Lori Ceremuga;

·         Cracking the Coaching Code: Looking at the BDA through a Scientist’s Eyes facilitated by IU PIIC Mentors Suzanne Reed and Diane McGaffic.

So that participants could continue their conversations, the day continued with the Afterthoughts sessionsTopics discussed during the Afterthoughts session were suggested by participants in a “Birds of a Feather” activity and were intended to provide additional opportunities to engage in conversations that took place during the first two days of the PLO.  Participants then ended their day with independent reflections, IU team time, and more mentor reflections. 

Feedback from the PLO was positive:

·         “This PLO is the best venue for professional learning I have ever engaged in as an instructional coach. In addition, the learning goes beyond the 3 day experience with the collaborative relationships that are formed and extended to support my role as an instructional coach.”

– Instructional Coach

·         “That instructional coaching (that follows the PIIC model) truly works and is the only thing I have seen in my 12 years in public education that actually changes teaching practices, increases engagement, and improves student performance. It's a win-win for all!”

– Instructional Coach

You can read more feedback from this PLO on the Testimonials page.  The PLO agenda is available on our Past Professional Learning Opportunities page.